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The Problem

The client was using an archaic software that was not customized to their needs. They had different event types with tickets that could range for a whole weekend. They also had no information regarding sales and how to project their incoming revenue.

The Solution

We delivered an intuitive application that our client uses to quickly and easily add new organizations, events, venues, and ticket types. The application allowed new, third party venues to sign up and list their events with the same ease. All organizations were also given a dashboard to see their daily and overall sales per event, ticket type, or venue, and the capability to export that in to their accounting tools. When an event time came, the venues were able to view a list of all attendees, quickly search them, and check them in via a custom mobile ticket scanner or via the web application. In all, the client was able to process thousands of transactions daily and keep their customers happy.

Preferred Fan
Technology Stack Used

PHP, Laravel, JS, Angular, Docker, AWS, Kubernetes,


October 2018

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